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International Student Company eXpo

Innovative Business 2020

Would you like to meet the most entrepreneurial solution finders of your age from across Europe?

Looking for innovative solutions, discussing business sustainability and diving into business planning drives your passion? Then buckle up, the 5th International Student Company eXpo Innovative Business 2020 in Kaunas, Lithuania is right around the corner!

Kaunas, as one of the JA capitals of technology, will become a hub of student entrepreneurs as one of the JA Marketplace events, which has already become a tradition in JA Europe.

The best of the best student companies from the region, as a part of JA Company programme, will come together to present their progress, pitch their idea and discuss the biz with peers.

If you are reading this, you might already know – JA Company programme gives you the freedom of decision-making to develop your innovative business idea in the course of an academic year. You get to experience everything from fundraising for initial share capital to direct sales and winding the company. You get to feel what it really means to run a business, with support and advice from business volunteers and teachers on every step.

This is where the eXpo comes into picture. Trade Fairs, as Innovative Business 2020, are the best medium to test your idea in a real-life setting. Your product will not only be open to peak a public interest but also will be judged by a jury of professionals from different business fields to nominate the best of the best.

One more opportunity to prove your skill and that your idea is worth it – the ultimate pitch session through the day of the trade fair. Show the jury that actually you are the generation of future business!

Last but not least, the best student companies of the fair will be awarded during the Gala night in a range of nominations (see the list of last year’s winners) – your ultimate night to shine. Don’t miss out!