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The Competition includes the following stages:
  1. Video Commercial – an advertisement for your product or service
  2. Trade Fair – The most professional image (Professional Branding) and communication in business language (Interview at Stand)
  3. Pitch Presentation – an oral presentation in front of an audience

At each of these stages the judges assess all aspects of the Company performance against the Competition criteria.

The Video Commercial provides an opportunity to advertise your product or service to the market. The goal of a video commercial is to promote a product, service or brand, reach the target audience and raise awareness.

Professional Branding provides an opportunity to represent the image of the Student Company. It includes such aspects as logo, name, business card, Facebook page, website and other forms of marketing, appearance of the stand and clothes.

The Interview at Stand provides an opportunity to demonstrate how effective the team is in utilizing the trade fair setting for presenting their business and their selling techniques when offering the product/service to a potential customer.

The Pitch Presentation provides an opportunity to demonstrate, by making a presentation in front of the public, how effective the team is in getting a potential business partner (e.g. an investor, a distributor, etc.) excited about the business.


Video Commercial || Max 50 points

  • Originality                                                                                                           max 10 points
  • Content and relevance                                                                                    max 30 points
  • Visual solutions                                                                                                 max 10 points

Professional Branding || Max 50 points

  • Overall appearance and attractiveness                                                         max 15 points
  • The image’s compatibility with the product                                                 max 25 points
  • The atmosphere in the team                                                                            max 10 points

Interview at Stand || Max 100 points

  • General understanding about the product’s relevance, competitors      max 40 points
  • Ability to sell the product                                                                                   max 40 points
  • Fast, clear and detailed answers to the commission’s questions             max 20 points

Pitch Presentation || Max 50 points

  • Structure and relevance of the presentation                                                 max 30 points
  • Delivery technique and visual aids, originality                                               max 20 points

TOTAL max 250 points


Task – to make a video commercial for your product or service

  • Goal: Introduce a product or service to the marketplace.
  • Time: Length limit of the video is 90 sec.
  • Form: Upload the video to YouTube, make it public for everyone and send the link.
  • Award: All videos will be evaluated by jury and rewarded by points accordingly.


  • Clear relevance: All information should be relevant to what you are advertising. For example, all submitted advertisement creative fields must represent the same Student Company and be relevant to the promoted product.
  • Clear content: All information and media in ads should be easily understandable and clearly identify the product, service, or entity you are advertising. Videos must include a name or logo that clearly represents the Student Company, product, or service in the video.
  • Target audience: Choose an audience for your video. Target your solution to be relevant to them.
  • Originality: Innovative approach, creativity and smart visual solutions are welcome. Use your imagination to attract the viewers. Establish a tone for your video. If you want to be funny, use witty, clever puns to get your point across, but do not distract viewers from your overall message. Choose appropriate music to help guide your audience into the right mood.
  • Visual solution: Video should be catchy and memorable. Visualize your advertisement to keep attention of the audience. You can use video, skits, pictures, voice over, music, flip-books – the sky is the limit!
  • Video quality: All videos used in advertising must meet certain quality standards. Upload your videos to youtube with the best quality you can.
  • Copyrights: To advertise copyrighted content, you must either own the copyright or be legally authorized to advertise with it.
  • Shocking content: Content that could be shocking for users is not allowed in any ads. Some examples include obscene language, gruesome imagery, and gore.


Task – to make a pitch with a topic “Innovative Business”

  • Goal: To reveal how innovative your product/service is.
    Every product/service is unique in one way or another.
  • Time: You will have 2 minutes on the stage.
    Presentations will be made during the stand session.
  • Form: Presentation should be vocal in English.
    You can use PowerPoint® slides if necessary.
    Slides will have to be sent to rasa@lja.lt no later than 16th of March.
  • Award: All videos will be evaluated by jury and rewarded by points accordingly.

Questions you should try to answer

  • What is the PROBLEM?
  • What is your SOLUTION?
  • Where is INNOVATIVE approach and what makes you so SPECIAL?



  • Creativity: A demonstration that the proposed solution displays a unique approach.
    Does the proposal approach the social problem in an innovative, exciting, and dynamic way?
  • Sustainability: Long-term prospects for viability and success.
    Does it consider the different dimensions of financial and social sustainability in a conscientious manner?
  • Assessing the Need: An analysis of the social issue and its affected population.
    Does the proposed venture address a significant and critical social problem?
  • Presentation: Overall effectiveness of the actual presentation.
    Did the presenter(s) engage the audience and hold their attention?
    Did the presenter(s) appear to speak with confidence authority?
    Were visual aids (i.e. PowerPoint® slides) clear and valuable?
    Was the pitch exciting and compelling?
    How efficiently did the team allot their time?


Rasa Valaitytė
Project Coordinator

+3706 17 07661

If you have any questions, write to the contact person.