Before filling the Company details registration form, Student Company needs to prepare:
Description of the company and the service/product
A short annotation describing Company`s service/product (~30-50 words).
For example: an attachable box for organizing your cables.
How is your product/service unique and different from others? (~20 words)
Company`s Logo. Upload it by filling Company details (if not successfully, send it to
Your Company`s logo or a descriptive photo of the Company or the product
Logo should be in .png format
Resolution: approximately 500×500 px
Video commercial of Company`s product/service
Goal: Introduce a product or service to the marketplace.
Time: Length limit of the video is 90 sec.
Form: Uploaded video link location from  has to be shown in Company Details form

 The best student companies video commercials will be shown and commented during the first evening dinner.

Deadline: 24th February 2019