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Arrival & Departure

Kaunas is a wonderful place to explore on foot, if you are into it, but you will still need to get around somehow, right?

Well, no worries about that, the JA Lithuania team will take care of your transfers to and from airport, train or bus stations. Just don’t forget to fill the arrival and departure form! As a side not, mind your peers and friends and don’t be late, the bus schedules will be quite strict, and, well, nobody likes the ones we, in Lithuania, call “stabdžiai” (breaks), who make the whole group linger.

Take your chance to explore Kaunas on your own as well, it’s a cosy city combining innovation and modern decisions with a romantic historical places and beautiful panoramas.

All info you would need on public transport can be found here.

The best thing is, you would not need any additional cards. You can buy single-trip ticket (1 EUR) from the driver or an E-ticket for 3 days. The convenience is, you can pay with contactless card on the bus!

Kaunas Airport is the best option to get there if you are planning to fly, it’s a short bus drive from the city centre.

Fill your arrival and departure info until 8th March 2020